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The Hedge Fund Journal

The Hedge Fund Journal's 2017 Awards are powered by Aulexo’s analytics using a methodology determined by The Hedge Fund Journal. The methodology compares returns relative to three risk measures: standard deviation, downside deviation and drawdown.

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Fund & Portfolio Analytics

Whether it's one fund or thousands, Aulexo offers some of the most advanced quantitative technology available to help you identify and research fresh insights, uncovering risks and tapping new opportunities. From traditional and emerging statistics, ratios and measures to comprehensive simulations and scenarios, Aulexo helps your research achieve unprecedented levels of detail, discovery, aggregation and comparison.

Investor Relations

To help build and manage your relationship with investors, Aulexo’s Contact Management functionality provides a secure, centralized platform for you to capture, update and manage all contact details across your organization. Being web-based, you can easily access your contact details in Aulexo from anywhere in the world.


Aulexo's powerful analytics capabilities have been used to create a number of standard reports. Each report progressively adds more detail, more statistics, ratios and measures, more simulations, scenarios, factor, style and peer analysis, and finally advanced portfolio simulations, peers and style analysis. The reports are designed to be modular helping to ensure you get the right report for your audience and needs.


Managers who are committed to open and transparent relationships with their investors understand the importance of accurate, effective and timely communication. Aulexo provides a single, integrated platform for helping create, maintain and developing effective communication with investors: past, present and future.


Aulexo offers a comprehensive user interface, but in some situations it’s useful to be able to programmatically connect your own systems directly with Aulexo. Our documented API module makes it easy to interface with Aulexo.


Sharing information securely is at the heart of Aulexo. From descriptive, economic and performance details of a fund, to commentary provided though website, newsletter and email updates, Aulexo facilitates open and transparent relationships.